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Baby Weaning Solid Food Plate Bowl Set

Baby Weaning Solid Food Plate Bowl Set

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Embark on the exciting journey of weaning with the Baby Weaning Solid Food Plate Bowl Set, your ultimate companion in introducing solid foods to your baby’s diet! This thoughtfully designed, cost-effective set is everything you need to make the transition from liquids to solids smooth and mess-free.

Comprising four essential pieces of tableware specifically tailored for weaning, this set includes a non-slip suction plate to keep meals in place, a drinking cup perfect for little hands, and a child-friendly fork and spoon designed for easy self-feeding. The bowl features deep sides to minimize spills, and its robust non-slip base ensures it stays put, preventing any accidental tips or slides.

Crafted with your baby’s safety and comfort in mind, each piece in the set is made from durable, baby-safe materials that are simple to clean, promising a hassle-free mealtime experience.

Dive into the world of solid foods with confidence and ease with the Baby Weaning Solid Food Plate Bowl Set. Secure this indispensable feeding set today and support your child’s developmental milestone in the most stress-free and enjoyable way possible!

Package Included:
1 x plate
1 x small spoon and fork
1 x big spoon and fork
1 x drinking cup
2 x bowl


Product Material: Silicone


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